Does Moaning During Sex Turn A Man On?

When you’re intimate with a man, you may notice he gets extremely turned on when you start making noise. The moans. The grunts. The dirty talk. So what is it about moaning during sex that turns a man on so much and how can you use it to your advantage to get your man obsessed with you?

Man And Woman Experiencing Sexual Pleasure On The BeachAs it turns out, there’s a very scientific explanation for why moaning during sex gets your man incredibly aroused and focused on pleasuring you. Felicity Keith explains it well inside her Language of Desire program when she teaches women how to develop their “Madonna moan”…

“Men’s brains are wired to chase us and to please us. It’s true: in the hypothalamus area of men’s brains is a section specific to sexual pursuit… and it’s 2.5 times bigger than women’s (more on brain chemistry in Module 4). This innate need to pursue you sexually is pre-programmed.

Once he’s “caught” you sexually, his brain shifts toward procreation, even if makin’ babies is absolutely NOT on either of your agendas. I’m talking primal brain chemistry stuff here, not logical thinking and planning. As a couple, you may be using eight types of contraception to prevent pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean his brain (or yours) is on the same “no babies” page.
Female orgasm has a correlation to conception. Science has shown that when a female has an orgasm, there is an improved chance of the sperm and egg connection.

And going back to the point of this lesson, women indicate orgasm by making noise…

…so your moans actually tap into that primal part of his brain.

And when your “copulatory vocalizations” are expressed from being totally in touch with your desires, the result is nothing short of fireworks for you both.

Not only is that primal part of his brain activated, his ego is totally pumped up, “Wow! Look how amazing I must be to make her moan/scream/curse like that! Just WOW!”

This, my friend, is a heavy-duty one-two punch of sexual satisfaction for a man. You are giving him this incredible affirmation on his sexual prowess while activating his brain chemistry at the same time. BOOM!”

So there you have it. The next time you want to really pleasure a man in the bedroom, consider making a little noise when he does something that makes you feel good. Those soft “Mmmm’s” are extremely arousing to him, and you’ll be amazed at the extreme pleasure it brings both of you.